"Intruders". Personal Project (6/???)
🔊 Turn sound on for full experience!!!
Sixth piece of my motion and animation challenge.
This started out as a quick test to play with Blender's hair and particle system and ended up in this experiment 🧪
I think that's actually the best part about personal projects like this, you don't have to deal with deadlines or client-job standards.
When I finished the first render I figured it would be cool to do a couple more using the same motion capture but trying another look and setting. And then, “what if I thought of something that serves as a common thread when presenting the different videos?" That's where the idea of designing a fictitious security HUD to bring everything together came from. And with that I thought that maybe it would be nice to try to put some storytelling through the UI animation. The next thing was, “how about generating some voices for the video?”... which obviously led to music and SFX. And of course, adding an analog and retro touch to the whole set, which is one of my obsessions.The final result is almost two minutes video and a process with a few more ingredients than expected involved:
👩‍🍳 The full recipe:
- Some videos of abandoned environments from Freepik
- A dash of ActorCore for the mocap animation
- Then, a large handful of Blender to apply that mocap and to create the intruders and their renders
- A handful of Illustrator to design the HUD
- A splash of PixageFX to prepare a bit the previously rendered sequences so I can get a better final CRT look later in AE
- A big dollop of After Effects for camera tracking, composition, HUD animation and the final vintage CRT look
- A sprinkle of Voicebooking and Audition to create the assistant's female voice
- Add a bit of the always amazing music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio (song: “The Devil's Eyes”)
- A touch of SFX from Pixabay and PremiumBeat.
Finally bake everything in Premiere to bring it all together and voila! 🍴 Ready to share.
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